The Company

At the centre of Crest Systems is the company’s founder and driving force, Nick Cranston. His leading technical management on a number of high profile superyacht projects combined with his engineering excellence and superyacht experience have earned him industry wide recognition amongst shipyards, management companies and owners worldwide.
Nick established Crest Systems in 2011 pursuing a long term desire to re-evaluate the industry approach to onboard technical systems. A desire to integrate all parties involved to achieve seamless systems that accurately translate and reflect the functionality customers are looking for. Focussing on the key elements of design, management and support, his company embraces the challenges and complexities synonymous with superyachts. His 20 years engineering experience from land based audio visual and broadcast industries and large scale commercial projects across the marine, medical, broadcast and communication markets worldwide provide an unrivaled wealth of knowledge and skill.

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“At Crest Systems, we have extremely high standards. This industry demands flawless systems, innovation and the highest level of service and we strive to consistently deliver these to all of our clients worldwide.”

Nick Cranston