System design is key. It forms the very foundation that determines the actual resulting functionality and system capabilities. It influences the ease and integration of a system’s connectivity to third party products and services and dictates future expansion. Design is integral to execution, efficiency and effectivity.
We believe that the time and experience put in to the technical system design from the outset of a project, new build or refit, is what sets the final system apart from both an end user’s and maintenance perspective. Working with the numerous parties and addressing complex integrations issues from the beginning will ensure that the system design is engineered to work for the project in hand and any requirements or confinements that may bring. Time well spent at the outset of a project carefully engineering and optimising the system infrastructure, working with Owner’s teams to gain true understanding of the functionality required and addressing issues such as technology, integration, expansion, power consumption, heat output and the impact on interior design, leads to smoother operation, reduced trouble shooting and above all, functionality and reality matching expectations.


• The production of outline systems designs
• The production of full tender specifications
• Design reviews and verification