Crest Systems’ recent collaboration with Savage Lighting has proved to be a great success with a number of projects and shipyards worldwide embracing our One Stop Shop for LED technology, advice and implementation.  With the move to greener energy and a more environmentally conscious approach throughout the yachting industry, we have seen a significant rise in the popularity of LED lighting technology. Working together with Savage Lighting we assist with the complexities of implementing LED technology.  Wiring schemes in place for original halogen fittings often need to be redesigned and changed for upgrades and refits whilst newbuild projects can bring their own set of technical challenges. Together with Savage we ensure that everything needed is provided to fully convert / install LED lighting systems on board from the actual light fittings and solutions to the control electronics, infrastructure design and integration to control platforms. All solutions are customised to suit each individual project’s requirements.  Our solutions are compatible with all standard lighting protocols and all common AV systems are supported. Simple control from an iPad or Android App is available if integration isn’t required or there isn’t an AV system on board and control of third party lights is possible.